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What is a beta release ?

Beta release refers to a new program released to the public that has not been fully tested yet for bugs. Once a beta release is fully tested to the standard of the writer, organization or owner, it is considered as the newest stable version of the program. At this point, the “b” following the version number will be taken off. Furthermore, beta version programs may run in a different name while it is still under testing stage.

There are two different types of beta release. The first is the open beta release, which enables the public to download and try. A closed beta release on the other hand, is available only for specific beta testers. Most computer enthusiasts like to be a beta tester, and they normally are subscribed to beta mailing lists with software companies. The advantage of this for the program developer is that the software is scored by real-world users, each using unique computer systems with different types of software and hardware. If there are problems with other hardware or software, beta testing will reveal most of it.

Most beta releases comes with a warning that the download and use is at your own risks since it has not been fully tested for bugs. When testing a beta release, most computer users install them on a different folder to avoid causing problems to the preexisting programs if the beta release needs to be uninstalled.

There are three stages in the development of software. First is the pre-alpha stage where it involves the actual feature development along with the overall coding. Once the software is compiled and ready for testing it is now considered as the alpha stage. Once the in-house testing is complete, the software will now move on to the beta release stage. After all the bugs are fixed, beta release will reach the third and final stage of becoming new and stable software.

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