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What are the pros and cons to having a facebook page?

I’m thinking about reactivating my facebook page because i’m hearing it’s more and more used in business and profession worlds. And it’s great for keeping in touch with old contacts. But, i’m worried about the time cost vs benefit. What or the pros and cons to having a facebook page or anything similar to facebook.

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4 Responses to “What are the pros and cons to having a facebook page?”

  1. Raw ☪ said :

    Connect with current and old friends.
    The ability to send messages and discuss items

    Privacy (somewhat because you can configure it a lot so this should not be a problem).

    Overall, it is really good to have one if you have many friends.
    Businesswise, it is good for sending messages and chatting using facebook’s chat feature.

  2. freedominHim said :

    The first answer just about covered it.

    I would add to that, for me, personally:

    I know people from different walks of life, some personally, some professionally, and some I have never met that are just online friends. It’s kind of weird having them all in the same place, all able to see each other on my friends list.

    It’s difficult to keep getting group invites. I don’t want to be rude and turn them down, but having 100 plus groups is difficult to keep up with. Same with invitations to applications, especially the silly ones. I’d rather stick with a few that I find handy or fun, such as Mafia Wars or Causes, and ignore the rest.

    As for friends, I add anyone that asks, but keep my profile private in case a potential employer, or my partner’s ex or someone is scoping for info. It’s best to keep it private until you approve an add, in my opinion.

    Definitely addicting, though, I would agree.

  3. Jess R said :

    – see old friends, what they’re doing, what they look like now, etc
    – post everything about yourself that you’d like
    – much more organized than MySpace
    – you may meet some new/interesting people
    – get invited to a lot more events

    – privacy is not very strong (definately adjust your privacy settings if you get it)
    – might be involved in gossip
    – any photos you post are of the free use of facebook if you should pass away

    this video may give you an idea of the cons:

    other than that, it is fun to get in touch, so I’d say make an account, but be conscious of your privacy

    hope that helps 🙂

  4. maraca said :

    Don’t do it!!!!!!!


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