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What are the names of the reliable and trusted anti-virus softwares?

Is AVG anti-virus a trusted and reliable software?

But what are the names of anti-virus malwares that claim to get rid of computer viruses when they’re not doing anything? Instead, anti-virus rogue softwares are hacking and infecting the computer.

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6 Responses to “What are the names of the reliable and trusted anti-virus softwares?”

  1. undertaker_cotn said:

    Get norton systemworks, its very good. I love systemworks. But if your having big problems then I would suggest the best software out there. Spysweeper with Anti-virus will catch it and remove it. It protects from over 170,000 threats. No one else comes even close. I’ve tested them all. There is nothing better. Stay away from free stuff. They are just a watse of time. There is a reason why they are free. They are not good…

  2. t'sbabygirl07 said:

    norton or Macafee

  3. Heinz M said:

    Get Panda trial. If you decide you like it after trying it, you can get it for a year for $10.00 through
    It has a firewall, checks incoming and outgoing email. And if you download a virus via Limewire or Ares P2P it will erase it before it becomes active on your computer.

  4. Bill M said:

    AVG is very reliable, I’ve seen it remove viruses that Norton missed.

  5. Wise Heart said:


    All of them are good

  6. borderline1311 said:

    Check out this page and check out their store (the link’s at the top of the page…I think)
    Good Luck.


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