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What are the cons of setting up a Facebook Group for my son’s elementary School?

I want to set up a Facebook group for the school to keep parents informed. I am a Facebook user myself and I like the way the information gets distributed, and the way members can interact. Are there any down sides? If your K-5 elementary has a Facebook, will you post the link so I can see how you are using it?

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2 Responses to “What are the cons of setting up a Facebook Group for my son’s elementary School?”

  1. Foulish121 said:

    The downside to Facebook is what makes it great – everyone can see it (Unless you specifically set up the account or group to restrict who can or cannot see it).

    I would say that the downside to a group on Facebook for a school of young children (I’m not up to date on the American schooling system, so I assume elementary is the title given to young children) is that people who do access it might be using it for other purposes – in short, don’t post anything of a sensitive nature – especially when children are involved.

    You may want to set up a system in your school where the parents have to submit their name and you send them the invite or friend request.

  2. xXxLemonxXx said:

    people always like to stay in the loop, especially parents. anything like this would be a great idea! my mom would have loved it when i was in elementary school, cuz those kids usually forget things that are going on. it’s really the best way to keep parents informed.


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