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What anti-virus software has effective way to protect my computer?

What anti-virus software has effective way to protect my computer? Right now,I have already install 360 Software Management on my computer,but I want to change an effective one. Who has a good idea to help me solve this problem?

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10 Responses to “What anti-virus software has effective way to protect my computer?”

  1. Marcos said:

    AVG? i dont really know…just try

  2. jman10135 said:

    Kaspersky Internet Security. Amazing anti virus, anti spyware and anti everything software lol. Look it up, really good.

  3. bub101 said:

    i like malwarebytes if you think you need kill stuff it kills it dead if pay it watch your system too but free to kill stuff also if your stuck sometime try 24 hr number of your isp bub101

  4. vanhaeren said:

    My experience with antiviruses:Top 5:
    1.Microsoft Security Essentials(detects over 99% of threats and has real time protection enabled, and auto updater too, and it’s free!)
    2.Norman – Detects 100% threats.
    3.AVG – Detects 98% of the threats.
    4.ESET – Over 95%.
    5.Panda and Avast – Over 90% .
    Found on google 😉

  5. Le said:

    Top softs
    1 Kaspersky Internet Security.
    2. AVG
    3. Norton

  6. Nighat said:

    If you really want a free one, my advice get AVG.
    AVG has saved me alot. I have gotten viruses alot. I paid for some like norton and Kraspsky(which is also good but not free) and it was a waste since u didnt always have it.
    In AVG they did daily scans and always warned you before hand on a website if it could be a threat.
    I bought this pc that im typing this from 3 years ago. First thing i did, put AVG and is still runs great and fresh. My friends are usually suprised how my pc still is in good shape because pc’s tend to only last for about two years.
    🙂 gl
    this one is the free edition and works great 🙂

  7. Dilip Virani said:

    Hey dont go anywhere


    get rid of all existing virus and protect you from new viruses.

    Try it and feel the difference on your computer.

    Good luck

  8. Angalina said:

    avg is quite impressive… however, antivirus alone is not sufficient. always use a program such as reginout to remove virus effect from the hidden registry entries in the windows.

  9. ThomasGreen said:

    Silver bullet protection (100% malware detection) provides by a single antivirus does not exist.
    You should adopt layered approach by using a security suite or using several pieces of security software.

    For paid security suite,
    I recommend Kaspersky Internet Security and Norton Internet Security.

    For Free suite ,
    Comodo Internet Security (you can enable the sandbox)

    If you are a Chinese user, please visit for guides and tutorials.

    For a free security setup,
    please visit my blog,

    My (ThomasGreen) answer at:;_ylt=AvcFPVRRBo2yxE6QHqAxAMbsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100625211959AA1DX7F&show=7#profile-info-uJ0wIzlJaa

  10. Willow said: It is a good one


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