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spyware doctor/spydoctor-are these different? i have a good anti virus that gets rid of spyware?

but im not sure about malaware/adaware?? sorry if im confusing i dont know much about security-i dont mind paying for them if it will do my pc good-but will either of these just run alongside my anti virus? or will they mess it up? thankyou for any advice u can give me

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5 Responses to “spyware doctor/spydoctor-are these different? i have a good anti virus that gets rid of spyware?”

  1. ►PcGuru◄ said:

    Get free version of Superantispyware. Finds viruses and spyware that are very very hard to find with no conflict to other antivirus software. Update (manual) daily free.

    A another very good one is… Spybot Search N Destroy.

  2. garron132 said:

    No they are the same really if you want a good spy/ani-virus prog its best to pay the money i recommend Zonelabs i have no problems since i installed it.

  3. chrislyon said:

    spyware doctor is very good I use it and it is the best one out of the 3 I use. Although if you donload it from google pack you get it free and it works aswell as the paid.
    Deselct all boxes except spyware doctor unless you want others.

  4. n.lawns said:

    Get Ad-aware 2008, very good at removing malware and spyware. I’ve used it for years and by far the best.

    Use Avast anti-virus, has real-time scanner so you don’t have to run a virus scan.

  5. The original Peter G said:

    Have a look at
    this lists the known dodgy anti spyware applications.
    Most anti-spyware apps are used to do on-demand scans ie when you click on them, and have no conflict with antivirus. Possible free programs are AdAware from Lavasoft and Spybot from Safer networking. Both quite good but need manual updating in the free versions. Easy to do.


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