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Should i download anti virus for snow leopard?

Hi, i’m a new mac user and i would like to know if i should download an antivirus program. Many mac users have said that mac doesn’t get virus, but some also said that was a misconception. I would really appreciate your opinion. Thank You.

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2 Responses to “Should i download anti virus for snow leopard?”

  1. Chance P said :

    It’s like this… MAC boasts that there are no viruses for apple computers, but that’s simply because macintosh only holds 10% of the market shares. (Compared to Microsoft holding 86%). The reason behind the lack of viruses for MACs is because no one who creates viruses (whether intentional or accidental), targets them towards a group of users so small.

    It’s like what would you rather shoot at? A big fat guy? or a fly on a wall?

    Viruses can be made for just about anything, it’s just whether or not someone is willing to take the time to do the source coding for it.

    ~ Recently, there has been a group of hackers who have decided to start screwing around with viruses specifically designed to attack MAC computers, just because apple has been boasting so much that there’s no viruses for it.

    So ya, there’s always a need for a virus program. Just cause you use a computer system that only 10% of the population uses, doesn’t mean you’re 100% safe…

  2. Ed G said :

    It’s not that there is no malware for a mac, there is. But unlike a windows computer, which can get infected just by going to a web page. Mac’s are harder to infect. So not only aren’t as many trojans and stuff out there for a Mac, but if a Mac owner does a few simple things he can keep his computer malware free. I only know a couple of people with Mac’s they have no anti-virus software and at this time there is no need for it. As long as they download from trusted sites, don’t use P2P file sharing. They won’t get infected. Most all the infections for a Mac get on there by the users installing a program, that they did not want to pay for. They found it somewhere for free and then installed the malware. You won’t get infected inless you install it yourself. If you can’t follow the rule of downloading from trusted sites. Then you may need to get anti-virus software. But since the malware you will run across will probably be new samples, there is a strong chance it won’t catch it anyway.


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