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Is it just me or does the AVG anti virus free version ruin my start up?

I mean before I log in to Windows. It hangs. Do you know any free anti virus which doesn’t slow PCs down?
Well, it happened before I defragmented and I thought that was the problem, so I defragmented it yesterday. But today it happened again. So I think there’s no other problem but that.

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6 Responses to “Is it just me or does the AVG anti virus free version ruin my start up?”

  1. Node1499 said :

    I never had any luck with AVG and now I know I’m not the only one.
    When it comes to free antivirus, there is Comodo, Avast, AntiVir and probably a lot more but those are the ones I’ve tried out.
    Try taking a look at and check out some of the antivirus programs there.

  2. Jonathan T said :

    i hate AVG. this sofware program takes so long to load when starting the computer. avg is the worst anti virus program ever.

  3. Colinc said :

    I have used AVG free for years, I have hundreds of clients using either the free or pay versions, nobody has any trouble with it. Are you sure it’s avg causing the problem. I find the biggest delays on startup are from supposed PC performance enhancing programmes.

  4. kernel_sanders said :

    I do not think AVG is the problem. I think it is a lot of other problems with your computer.When did you defrag last. Do you have any optomizer software?

  5. Ron G said :

    I have been using AVG for many years and never had a problem. If you are seeing a hang-up at start up, it could be spyware or adware on your system that will slow down any program. Get a decent malware detector and clean your system.

  6. Kodl said :

    Also, have you tried the latest version of AVG – AVG2011? It includes a PCTuneUp tool that you can use for one-time fix of similar startup issues


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