I asked how do I know if I have two anti virus programmes running and conflicting with each other?

I have a number of problems with my pc and now my purchased anti virus is giving me error messages. I want to have a look to see if there is something conflicting with it. I have other programmes (anti-spyware etc.) running but without the anti virus parts enabled. However I am not sure how to check that they have not inadvertently been enabled.

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4 Responses to “I asked how do I know if I have two anti virus programmes running and conflicting with each other?”

  1. crazychick said:

    Just cancel any other anti-virus programmes already on your computer and just run the one that you have purchased this should work okay then…

  2. phLOx said:

    You should know, as you are the one that installed them?

    start->control panel->add or remove programs

    Check the list for anti virus software. You should know which ones you have.

    Remove all but the one you prefer.

    I strongly suggest you use only ONE anti virus software, as that is the best way. They tend to conflict with each other and takes up lots of system resources.


  3. Northern Lad said:

    You could open `control panel` open `security centre` then open `virus protection` that will let you know if you are running two.

    But really, did I have to tell you this? You must know if you have two antivirus software on your PC 🙂

  4. panni s said:

    the best protection is one AV and 2 anti-spyware …. if u have 2 AV installed, they could crash ur pc.

    start menu > control panel > add, remove programs , check how many AV u got on, if u got just one and is give u an error message even after a reboot, u may need to reinstall it….

    if u still got the error message go back to the supplier or install a different one

    what kind of AS u got on? try to get one without any AV part in it (like larasoft’s ad-aware)


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