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How to temporarily disable Norton anti-virus software.?

Am trying to install my all in one printer etc, but seems that the anti-virus is getting in the way.

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2 Responses to “How to temporarily disable Norton anti-virus software.?”

  1. Tom said :

    Depends on the version but normally you can either right click on the icon in the bottom right next to the clock, and it might be on the menu there, or open up the full program and there’s an option there to turn it off for 15 mins, an hour – or just disable it permanently.

    Alternatively, go to control panel, programs and features (add/remove programs) and get rid of it. Norton gives an awful sense of false security to a lot of people, it is bloatware that fills up your drive and consumes tons of resources, plus …..well, as you know……you’re trying to install a printer. Why on earth should an anti-virus have a problem with that.

    If they haven’t worked out stupid things like that since more than 15 years ago when I ditched everything Norton then how on Earth do they get their software on so many systems….did you buy a new pc by any chance, get it pre-loaded on there did you??

  2. Daz Owen said :

    Easiest option is to get rid of Norton, it’s awful. Get Kaspersky 2009.


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