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How to get Facebook to ask you before somebody tags your photo?

In your settings, is there a way for facebook to ask you if you want your photo tagged? For example, my friend tried to tag my friend’s boobs and write “boobies” on my photo. Is there a way for me to be asked first before it appears on the photo?

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6 Responses to “How to get Facebook to ask you before somebody tags your photo?”

  1. Maurissa said:

    sorry you cant, with myspace you can get one of those they have everything facebook does but more :]

  2. Andre||| said:

    no. but you CAN delete the tag once you see it if it is in your photo

  3. fish said:

    Very good question. However, it seems like there is no such feature on facebook currently. You can untag yourself, or create a greasemonkey script to automatically untag yourself until you have a chance to see the photo. I suggest that you choose your friends more wisely, because only friends can tag you… and request that feature on facebook forums… or email them. If you’re polite, they should have that feature up in about a month.

  4. candyeater21212 said:

    no you can’t unfortunatly =[ but it does tell you when someone tags something so you can just go and delete it

  5. Moonlight said:

    as far as i know…whenever sum1 else ags anything on ur photo…u will receive a notification saying “this person” wants to tag “sumthin”…den u can remove da tag!!!

  6. Harmony B said:

    I Could Not Give U A Milestone Answer To That !


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