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How the virus is removed from pc if it is not deleted by the anti-virus program?

I doubt that my pc is infected by a virus through a software installation.When I try to delete this software through add- remove programme of Control Panel,my computer is abruptly shut- down.Some times my anti-virus program show the root path of the virus as such(D:\WINDOWS\system32\Drivers\gaopdxewsrnissyjoulrgsippkrjhoexpht-rootkit hidde and the same path- hidden services respectively) repeatedly but unable to delete it.Can any body help me in solving my problem?

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7 Responses to “How the virus is removed from pc if it is not deleted by the anti-virus program?”

  1. roadtrain02 said :

    Try going in as ‘Safe Mode’ and run a full scan then.

  2. Kristopoer 0818 said :

    use nod32 to remove virus

  3. Abhilash Pottekat said :


    Do a full scan ( You must have the admin power)

  4. 534N said :

    You can go directly to the root path and delete it manually

  5. bully buster said :

    It sounds like you have avast antivirus.If you do follow these steps.If you don’t i have provided some other steps a bit later in this answer.
    Right click on avast in the system tray and click on schedule a boot time scan.Then it will restart your pc and do a scan before it starts up and since the pc is not started up yet the malware will be removed.When it finds it Repair it.And if it doesn’t repair move it to the chest.
    Download these 3 programs:[email protected]
    Scan and quarantine any infections that it finds.
    Hope this helps

  6. Manuel Kemplin said :

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  7. Luna Seaman said :

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