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How long is facebook supposed to be down today?

I’m trying to get on facebook but it says the page can’t be displayed. Lots of people are saying it’s down for maintenance. Does anyone know how long it will be down?

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18 Responses to “How long is facebook supposed to be down today?”

  1. I'm over you now. I Promise. said:

    nope…but hopefully soon. I am incredibly obsessed with it.

  2. Sunkissedd ♥ said:

    hopefully not long. I don’t know how people know if it’s down for maintainance because when I try to get on it just says I’m not connected to the internet :S

  3. sunshine♥ said:

    im obsessed with it too and its not working for me either.
    I even tried downloading safari since firefox wont open facebook. ugh

  4. ☼Hïℓ∂α ☼ RIP Michael Jackson =[ said:

    Girl, I’m havin da SAME exact problem!!!
    I hope facebook come back cuz I’m tired of dis.
    I’m glad dat I aint the only one with this problem!

  5. thisone said:

    Getting the same thing too (UK) with no notice of if as far as I’m aware.

  6. ♥Salina♥ said:

    hey, same thing for me. every now and then when i refresh my page… it says “SITE IS TEMPORARILY DOWN”
    i think they’re “improving” it haha

  7. Trevor said:

    Because facebook is such a large and popular site, it shouldn’t be long.

  8. blahblahblahblah3 said:

    until 5 eastern time, supposedly

  9. Kathy said:

    It’s out in South Central PA too! I was uploading pics and it crashed. Haven’t been able to get back in. 🙁

  10. Maureen said:

    It is working now at least for me.

  11. Matt C said:

    facebook isn’t supposed to be down — if it was a maintenance thing, they could post a page stating that or migrate traffic to another server — it just isn’t up at all

  12. Osang said:

    facebook didn’t give any notice!! can’t access fb for 30 min now.

  13. brothersmily said:

    Same problem here….but nope i don’t know how long……i thought it was pc acting up….now i’m relived….

  14. Sweet Apple Pie said:

    I just posted up that question. IDK and Im like addicted to the computer. If u get the answer let me kno, plz. Im like totaly annoyed right now. So yah um. You probably hav to keep trying cuz u nvr kno.I seriously need to get on 2. I didnt it was becuz of mainteance. Probably the whole day tho, it’ll be down. Idk sorry. 😀 🙁

  15. Becca said:

    It just got back up! (: Try it! Its working for me now.

  16. akl024 said:

    you people need to relax with the facebook thing. yes its does. yes no one can log in. but relax. you wont die if you are not in facebook for 30 minutes! —_—!!

  17. grengyant said:

    hi just got on to FB and wldn’t load for about an hour for me but it is now. just in case I am at CST 5:15

  18. TishyBaby said:

    I just got in using Google Chrome – no luck with IE though. Seems to be working fine with Chrome – free download, too!


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