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How long does it take money to transfer over internet banking between banks?

I’m expecting some money a friend transferred using internet banking. That was done a few days ago now, haven’t received it yet. They are with a different bank to me. How long will it take?

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16 Responses to “How long does it take money to transfer over internet banking between banks?”

  1. Srinivas Y said :


  2. LFish_98 said :

    Mine is 3 days, instant if own bank

  3. god knows and sees else Yahoo said :

    For a check 1 day before you see it, if its cash thats a different matter

  4. David said :

    with different banks.. if you just do it online, it will take up to about a few days i think.. if it is within a bank, it will take about a minute

  5. Baby said :

    2-3 days and Sundays don’t count

  6. Adsense$Profits? said :

    It should be within few seconds

  7. Tricia said :

    Are you sure that they actually did the transaction? I have a so called “friend” that still owes me $200.00. He claims that 2 times he sent a check through the mail… well guess what.. I never got either of them. Call the bank.

  8. monkey said :

    3 working days

  9. aholmes12003 said :

    3 to 5 working days

  10. tempted_not_crazy said :

    normally the procedure for transfering money would take a few mins, if the money is comming from an overseas account then normally it will take a few hrs only, if it takes too long then check with your bank, each bank or country has der own privacy and regulations on how money can be dealt with. I normally sent money from a australian account to a USA bank account and that only took something like 8hrs before it appeared in the recipients account. other times wen there was delays it was because it was done on a friday… weekends are not included so was processed by my bank on the afternoon of the following monday, which he recieved tuesday evening.

  11. Longjohn said :

    This procedure only takes a few seconds, but the banks will have you believe many stories. They lie to you as they invest your money and keep the profits a few days later you get your money delivered.

  12. RACHELJMGBGT said :

    Three days they were talking about it in GMTV this morining

  13. cbecker72 said :

    It depends on how the funds are being transferred. If it was a wire transfer, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. Some internet banking services, however, actually cut a check on the sender’s behalf and mail the funds, so that takes longer. It varies between banks and services. I would get in touch with your friend and find out exactly how the funds were transferred, and that will give you a better idea.

  14. Amanda H said :

    It should have told him on his end how long it would take. For electronic payments for me, its up to 3 business days, printed checks are up to 5 business days.

  15. recklessme said :

    Sometimes take up to 4 weeks!! She should use Paypal as that is Instant Bank Transfer. Although if you send money its instant for the reciever of the money, but PayPal take sup to 3/4 days to make a Direct Debit from the Payers Bank account..which is how I spend on eBay!!!

  16. helen parker said :

    How long does it take to transfer money from a American bank account to a natwest account ?


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