How does opt-in email work ?

Opt-in email is an agreement of the business and user in accepting advertisements and information regarding certain specified subjects like coupons for particular services, business newsletters, or messages informing new sales events and products. This process mainly focuses on preventing spamming or receiving unsolicited mailing of advertisements.

Clicking a link, registering and confirming one’s email address is the requirement if someone wants to opt-in. There are advertisers who even utilize options like double opt-in, which needs two separate actions to be able to receive newsletter or a message to make sure that no one can claim being spammed. Furthermore, all consumers are free to stop or opt-out in receiving such mailing any time they want.

Clearly, the process of opt-in email advertising is far more efficient and cost effective than regular mail direct marketing, telemarketing or door-to-door sales. Envelopes printing, paper and postages can add up quickly. Telemarketing ends up in high long distance bill. Door-to-door sales need paying out commissions. Even if you spend for using opt-in email advertising, you will still end up paying less than what you pay for traditional advertising options.

Even if opt-in email seems to be the solution to a quick inexpensive and simple advertising, it could still be not the perfect answer. There are businesses encountering less than trustworthy companies that just sell collections of email addresses even if the users did not actually agree in receiving such advertisements. Email addresses are usually gathered from various sources online, and list are sold, bought, and frequently traded. It is hard to know accurately how email addresses were obtained.

Remember that there are federal laws regarding spamming and advertising. There’s a possibility of getting in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission if you fail to abide the regulations accurately. Make sure that you know and understand the dos and don’ts of email advertising to prevent such troubles.

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