How does data logging work ?

Data logging or acquirement is, in its simplest terms, the procurement of information to learn more about a procedure or system. It forms the foundation of an understanding of a different range of systems.

The logging and saving of information provides for increased understanding and sometimes, improved organization of how and why diverse processes work. Many loggers records information like temperature using sensors and then transfer the information into electrical signals. The data is archived and once retrieved can be filtered and accurately understood.

To start the procedure we need a data logger. This could be a personal computer based device or a stand-alone logger. The data logger is a tool that connects to other devices for the single purpose of gathering information.
The stand-alone logger has several advantages over the computer-based logger. Many have their own back up power source in case power failure occurs so that very important information will not be lost. As the stand-alone is exclusively designed for data logging, it is able assess data faster, more proficiently and can have far more sensors than a computer. The data from the stand-alone logger can then be transferred to a personal computer.

You can use data logging in many situations. A simple example is the black box recorder in an airplane that collects information on the plane’s flight for later use. Another is a weather system logger used by meteorologists to identify pressure and temperature in order to decide upcoming weather conditions. Data logging provides for the gathering of statistics used to give a better knowledge of the field you are working in. The needed information in all types of businesses to identify performance, quality, and efficiency cost cutting, fuel utilization and many other essential information uses.

There has been an evolution in data logging over the years with the type of loggers used. Before, the tools were huge and mechanical, using huge paper chart recorders. Now, microprocessors and sophisticated recover the information in far more detail than could have been processed previously.

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