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How do you make a sucessfull website ?

Blogging is one of the easiest and most effective networking tools available in the internet today. It’s personal, casual, most are free and it allows everyone to set-up their own portfolio instantly. Plus, you just need some free time, your own blog and lots of creativity.

The first thing you should do is set-up your account. If you don’t have money to spend to get your own domain name and hosting provider, don’t worry; WordPress, Blogger and Live Journal (among others) are available for free. Once you’ve set-up your free account, it’s time to get serious.

Make sure to pick out something specific, how to create art, dog tips from a dog trainer, latest mp3 players and other topics you are passionate about. Something too general, like “health” can be broken up to ‘weight loss guide’, ‘new medicine breakthroughs’ and other specific niches. Once you’ve decided your blog’s theme, choose five words or phrases that would describe your entire blog. For instance, if you’re blogging about weight loss, choose “weight loss”, “diet”, “weight loss tips”, “exercise” and “healthy eating” as your main tags or keywords. From these words, a visitor of your blog can easily tell that you’re giving out information on weight loss.

Unless you wanted to keep your blog a private diary, use tags for search engines to direct visitors to your blog. Use each of your main tags in every blog post you create. This is an easy way of driving traffic to your blog without spending a cent.

Continue to write content. You could spend 5 minutes per day creating a single post for your blog. This is important because not only do search engines display current posts first, it also allows your visitors to come back for more. Both the search engines and your targeted audience don’t like to visit dead blogs, so write often.

After making it a routine to write posts daily, make sure to get some traffic to your blog by building links. Generally, the more links to other blogs and websites you have on your blog, the higher traffic you would receive. The great thing about blogging is people help each other out when it comes to links, so if another blogger finds your website relevant, he or she can post a link back on your blog. Another way of increasing traffic is to promote your blog. Do what other bloggers do; check other blogs, comment and leave a link back to your blog. Include your blog’s link wherever you go, may it be in forums, chats and social networking.

Once your blog is on the right track, you can ad advertisements and affiliates to monetize your blog.

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