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How do you get rid of fake anti virus programs?

How do you get rid of fake anti virus programs?
Seriouslyyyy I need to get it off the laptop because I don’t want my parents thinking I watch porn haha it’s like this fake anti virus program. I need like a website thats free that will get rid of it for me.

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5 Responses to “How do you get rid of fake anti virus programs?”

  1. Ron M said:

    Download Malwarebytes, Install it, let update and then run a full system scan.

  2. Keith V said:

    you can just do a search online for what it is and you should find something on it and here is a site

  3. Da Guy said:

    I agree with the use of MalwareBytes
    found here :

    look for the blue FREE
    download tab on the left side

    Without the name of the specific web bug
    removal instructions will be limited

    But you can check this page at PC HELL
    for some various removal instructions for
    some of the nasties that are
    floating around the web today
    also listed are some essential tools & tips
    to have in your arsenal against these web bugs

    Also you can try
    BitDefenders FREE OnLine Scan

    This will remove what it
    finds at NO CHARGE

  4. Mr Mrs said:

    antivirus tips and antivirus download:

  5. Mr Hanky said:

    You can always use me to wipe your computer clean


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