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How do the temporary internet files work?

I have some stuff in my temporary internet files that I cant quite understand ?
Does stuff just go in there pop ups and everything?
It also says that these things were put in there at exactly the same minute. How do I know if these things have been viewed or they are just pop ups? Please someone explain to me how the temp internet files works? p.s My husband could be getting an earful for no reason!

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5 Responses to “How do the temporary internet files work?”

  1. The Ghost said:

    what happens is a web page is stored in the temp internet folder (the page is made up of quite a few files hence all have the same date/time stamp) when you revisit the same page the computer checks for changes and uploads the page from the temp internet folder plus the changes from the web – this is quicker than uploading the page streight from the web

  2. DigiZ said:

    Temp internet files are basically anything your browser caches, so it could well be a pop-up.

    If you are trying to find out what he has been on look for more then one page of a website being cached, if he were a member of say “adultfriendfinder” the front page / login and then anything else he viewed would be cached as a result of him using the site, if it is just one thing you have found it was probly a mistake or popup.

  3. Syx said:

    Everything that is displayed on your browser – text, images, popups, sound… are all temporarily stored in your temporary internet files. This allows your browser to display them, and also offers a fast way of reobtaining them should the software need to, in order to avoid unnecessary downloading of the same item. Items that appear at the same time were probably all from the same site. So if an image appears on your screen as part of a website with text, both the image and the text are shown to be downloaded at the same time.
    You cannot tell what was intentionally “viewed” and what was not without detailed viewing of the web page source, which will allow you to determine what is a popup and what is not. After all, when a popup appears you still look at it, whether you chose to or not.

    Yes, popups go in there – along with everything else.

  4. simpsond47 said:

    Cookies (or temporary internet files) are stored on your computer to make it easier to re-visit a site that’s already been viewed.

    The can stay in your temporary folder for as little as a few seconds, to days – depending on your internet settings.

    They track which sites you have visited (and also pass bits of information back to the site owner) about when you visited.

    They are usually nothing to worry about. Pop-ups are a completely different thing altogether.

  5. hasicit said:

    temp files and cookies are needed to browse on the web.
    they are left after use and take up memory .they also slow your pc down.
    they are normally not a threat they just do above.
    download and run(at least weekly )~”ccleaner”(2 c’s) it is free.
    this will remove cookies and temp files left from browsing,
    this will help.+it will give you memory back ~you may be suprised how much.
    have a nice day

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