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How do I stop my anti-virus taking over my screen whenever I turn on my computer?

Whenever I open my computer my AVG anti virus comes on to the screen and won’t let me do anything until it has ‘updated’ my security. This is all very well but surely it doesn’t need to do it every day! Once a week would suffice. It just slows me down until I want to give up and not bother. Any suggestions please?

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15 Responses to “How do I stop my anti-virus taking over my screen whenever I turn on my computer?”

  1. Jason H said :

    go to start, run, msconfig, and go to the startup tab and uncheck AVG.

  2. Crackfox said :

    Uninstall AVG and switch to Avast
    It’s free and it runs in the background and never bothers you with its problems.

  3. Sal*UK said :

    NO! They update their site once a day, usually late afternoon so an update for you later in the day is better. Live with it hun – is soooo much better than having to deal with a trojan or worm. And you can go off and do other stuff while it updates!

  4. Taz said :

    Get rid of it and download avast antivirus its much better

  5. Hol C said :

    get it properly fixed at a computer shop or turn on computer protection

  6. blobblob49 said :

    crackfox is correct,avg sucks,get avast,its free and updates in the background,good luck

  7. insane_mad_maniak said :

    it shouldnt do that, it’s usually just a little tab that comes up and says ‘updating’ or something like that.

    it does do it every day, but cant seem to find the option to disable auto update. lol

    open AVG, click on tools (at the top) advanced settings, 1st thing click on ignore faulty conditions and check the update manager, then

    found it, click on schedules, then virus database schedule and you can switch it off or change the times! cant cahnge it to weekly for some reason though.

    BUT!! dont forget to update every so often, because they do release a lot of updates! and your not protected from newer viruses if you dont update.

  8. Angel said :

    Maybe if you set it to scan at a specific time say like 3AM when you are not likely to be on the computer. I have all my scan set like that so they won’t interrupt when I am on the computer.

  9. Mimic. said :

    I would go to control panel>add remove programs and get rid of it.

    You can run loads of trials for free like windows one car and, avast. There are loads of them. Just google top 10 antiviruses and run the trials.

    Maintaining your computer
    Right click on C drive/run disc cleanup>Then TOOLS> disc scanner or in the case of Vista it’s called something else, but it’s the top tab you click on> (REBOOT COMPUTER) Then run Disc Cleaner again & Ccleaner if you have downloaded it and installed it.( You will find Ccleaner in file bellow) Then do a defragmentation of C drives in computer management>
    Also run adware/spyware and malware.
    Malware bytes Anti-malware
    Spybot Search & Destroy
    Adware 2008
    AVG Anti-virus Anti-spyware…………..
    Download and install this browser….
    Goto control panel>add remove programs and delete the old antivirus.
    Then download and install this one. It’s a trial
    Good luck!

  10. Soccer Dave Win Securer said :

    Get rid of AVG its a very poor anti-virus, replace it with Avast which is also free, see below for more info:

    Avast Home Edition:

    Avast home edition is free and effective, it protects your PC from infected webpages, scans your downloads and emails for viruses (AVG free does neither) and has built in anti-rootkit and anti-spyware, plus it gives you the option to run a boot scan, there are very few anti-virus’s that can do this paid or otherwise and this is free.

    Avast works for 60 days from installation after which you will need to register to get your free product key this is valid for a year after which you just register for another free key, so it always free.

    I use Avast along side Comodo firewall both are free, light on memory and have been independently tested and proven to be more effective then big names like Mcafee.



    People often recommend AVG but Avast is far better:

    On AVGs official website it states that their free anti-virus software does not protect you from “poison” webpages or scan downloads and emails for viruses (Avast free edition does all 3), I’ve also tested both AVG and Avast using the EICAR test viruses, AVG allowed all the viruses onto the computer without a single warning Avast either blocked them instantly or shorty after preventing all from running, Avast is much lighter and offers far superior protection.

    Everything AVG does not do:

  11. Adekunle A said :

    uninstall it and install one like kaspery anti-virus it’s much much better

  12. spud said :

    dont take this anti virus of your screen at least you know it is being updated, i stopped my updates appearing on the screen and i got a bad virus deep in my computer had to have it repaired it was very costly.

  13. SexyBee said :


    This should help with your answer and problems. Read up on the issues and fixes witth anti virus, spyware and adware. Go here:

    Take care

  14. Manuel ♥ Pantera Jana εïз said :

    Yes it does. but you can disable automatic updates, and update only when you like.

  15. Sarah said :

    I think this is a sign that a hacker has taken over your PC.
    They use this message to access your PC.
    Most likely the hacker can see you when you turn on your PC.


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