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How do I reset my password on facebook without receiving a confirmation code?

I’m not receiving any confirmation code to reset my password on facebook. Any one else having this problem and is there an alternative way to get into my facebook account??? I forgot my password so I’m trying to reset it and I’m not getting any replies from facebook. Any help will be appreciated.

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7 Responses to “How do I reset my password on facebook without receiving a confirmation code?”

  1. θκѕθ єℓιτα™ 〓ɹǝɹǝʍsuɐ uɐıuoɔɐɹp said :

    You can’t confirm your account without a confirmation code. You need that code to access your account.

  2. Ernest said :

    My facebook password doesn’t wanna be reset.Please help me!!…my number is 0784990934

  3. iyanna kasse said :

    help me get a new password

  4. coberly said :

    Has anyone figured out how to get back into their FB account. FB hasn’t sent me a pass code, it’s been a couple of days that I’ve been locked out of my account. Did anyone ever get in?

  5. Asia said :

    I changed my password last night twice and i can’t remeber what excatly i changed it to so i tried to resset my password and they sent me confirmation code and it didn’t work it said that i’ve reached the limit of password reset attempts. they never said to wait so they can send me a confirmation code. Will they? what do i do i want to get in my account..

  6. dody farg said :

    اريد رمز اعاده تعيين كلمه السر

  7. dody farg said :

    ineed to password


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