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How do i get rid of “Alpha anti virus”. It is a virus and my norton anti virus is not picking it up?

Please help as it is blooming annoying!

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7 Responses to “How do i get rid of “Alpha anti virus”. It is a virus and my norton anti virus is not picking it up?”

  1. mrbookworm2000 said :

    Try updating Norton. How do you know its an virus if its not getting picked up?

    Also, try a free malware program. Adaware, Spybot, and Malwarebytes are all good. They might be able to get it as well.

  2. Double R said :
  3. tempo1 said :

    Full info and
    Remove Alpha Antivirus (Uninstall Guide):

  4. 12345678 said :

    I would recommend malwarebytes. The free version has a powerful scan that finds things common AVs like macafee and norton don’t.

    It won cnet’s editor choice award earlier this year. It’s got rid of a few viruses I had that neither macafee or windows defender could detect.

  5. MYH9607 said :

    I’d recommend you switch to Kaspersky. It picks up viruses Norton never recognizes if it fails then you can always restore your computer to factory settings.

  6. ChriS said :

    you can remove it easily with this removal tool :

    Click on the delete button

    It will be removed in less than a minute.

    Rerstart your computer

  7. Lolita said :

    Alpha Antivirus is the latest in rogue applications! The best thing to do would be to remove this fake tool as soon as it has been detected.

    Feel free to check out the following link provided, as you will find all the info needed on how to combat this nefarious application:

    Remember to always ensure your antivirus and antispyware tools are up to date and fully functional.

    Good luck


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