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How do I get neighbors on the Facebook game Farmville?

I know you can get points and more stuff by having neighbors, but I don’t have that many people on my Facebook cos I’ve just started using it.
How can I get neighbors so I can play the Farmville game that’s on Facebook?

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16 Responses to “How do I get neighbors on the Facebook game Farmville?”

  1. RaCh-O said:

    ask your friends to start but if your not too sure how to add them click on up the top where it says my neighbours and then click on the send request to_____ =]

  2. Emmie said:

    You have to invite people from your own friend list to join. When they respond, they will be your neighbor and then you can send gifts, etc. There is also Farm Town on Facebook that is similar.

  3. Jacob said:

    well if you dont have any friends to ask to start playing facebook farmville you could always just search

    “farmville friend” in the search pannel and it will come up with some people who have set their entire facebook account to playing farmville and add them as a friend because they will always except.

    good luck,

  4. elzbellz said:

    well first you need to add more friends…and then when you have them all you do is go onto your farmville and click on the little people at the bottom and it comes up with ‘add neighbors’ then it takes you to a thing where all you do is click on your friends and click ‘invite to be neighbor’ and then you just wait for then to accept and then there your neighbors. it sounds hard but its sooo easy lol xD

  5. Lonnie S said:

    Farmville is a great game.
    If you want to give me your email address I can add you and then add you to my farmville stuff.

    First thing is your Farm Ville friends are also your Facebook friends. Ask all your friends if they play by doing an status update!

    Also, there’s a really awesome article about Farmville and adding friends that I used when I first started playing.

    Hope this helps!!!!

  6. Gamer said:
  7. darknessxx15 said:

    All you have to do is…

    1- Ask your friends to start

    2- Go to my neighbors

    3- Click ‘add me’ on each person that shows up

    4- once they see the invitation they should add you because obviously their your friend

    Hope i helped :]

  8. Reese said:

    Farmville is all nice and fun but the thing is i find it too SLOW!
    I like to advance a little faster so this is what i found
    a pretty neat little thing that helped me advance alot!

  9. mancandy73644 said:
  10. Sarah T said: can view private facebook albums

  11. Info Geek said:

    Jill I have a few suggestions for you. Here is what I would do in your case.

    Go on Google and type in “find Farmville neighbors” and see what websites pop up. You can find blogs where people just post their information and email addresses looking for other people to be neighbors. You can also go into Google and do a search for “Farmville Forums” and “Farmville Blogs”. You will meet tons of people in these forums who are looking for friends just like you.

    You can get more gifts sent your way when you have more friends playing Farmville. This is one way to get ahead fast in the game. Lastly, you can try to get more neighbors by being a generous neighbor. Send gifts to all of your Facebook friends, and include people who don’t play Farmville. Some of them may accept and be your friend and neighbor in Farmville.

    Farmville is probably the coolest game of all time. I love to play Farmville all day long! I’m trying to get to Level 70 as fast as I can!

  12. Shenji Tsukasa Amoe said:

    You have to invite people from your own friend list to join. When they respond, they will be your neighbor and then you can send gifts, etc. There is also Farm Town on Facebook that is similar………………..

  13. Johnny Redelinghuys said:

    I need farmville friend to extend my farm!!!!

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