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How do I contact facebook administrator as there is an underaged child with a facebook account to be disabled?

My grandaughter has set up a facebook account she is underaged. She did not set it up from my computer but that of her fathers. Please contact me with a telephone number and I will provide names etc.
Her account needs to be disabled or we will take the next step to have it disabled.

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4 Responses to “How do I contact facebook administrator as there is an underaged child with a facebook account to be disabled?”

  1. LovesTheConstitution said:

    It was probably set up on her father’s account. He can disable it quickly.

    This problem sounds like something her father needs to deal with, not you. You love your granddaughter, but you are not her father. Let them resolve it.

  2. Esther K said:

    Oh My Goodness! im experienced face-book of a long time now and there is nothing wrong with it! face-book is just an internet site where you can catch up with your friends,find out what they’re up to, and play games. there is nothing horribly wrong about it like myspace or some random chat room. A lot of the people on face-book are underage but that’s only because you have to be i think 14 to make one. but i promise you that there is nothing wrong with it and you might as well let her continue using it. hope you don’t do anything rash! good luck~

  3. sjpag_dancer said:

    I don’t think you should be worrying about it. Obviously you love her, but this is something her parents need to deal with, not you. If they are okay with her having a facebook, then you need to just accept that. I don’t think she’ll have any problems as it is on facebook. She just needs to know not to accept friend requests from people she doesn’t know and not to put up her address or phone number. She should be fine then. Facebook is now attracting people of all ages, and if it was that big of a concern to them, a lot of kids wouldn’t be on facebook right now.

  4. Mildred said:

    I try to log into my Facebook accout but a friend’s page comes up — what to do? I unfriended this person but it stilll comes up. — HELP


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