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How do i connect my Wii to the internet?

I have entered and saved the connection settings but then it will not connect. Error code 51330 unable to connect to the internet comes up.
Any ideas?

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8 Responses to “How do i connect my Wii to the internet?”

  1. Benjy said:

    This may help:

    Or just do a Google search for 51330 error wii

    and you’ll find plenty of advice.

  2. Saad A said:

    Try deleting the connection, and remaking it. First off, do you have wireless internet? If not, then I’m afraid that you cannot connect until you get wireless or the Nintendo USB wi-fi adapter.
    Try to choose automatic whenever possible for your connections.

  3. thomo_313 said:

    Straight From this website

    Error Code: 51330

    This error code usually indicates a problem relating to wireless security. Please try the following troubleshooting:

    Are you using WEP or WPA security on your router?
    Log into the router using the default IP (consult your router’s manual for assistance)
    Locate the “wireless security” section of your router settings and find the WEP or WPA key.
    If you are using 64-bit encryption, the WEP Key must be a 10-character key consisting of numbers or letters A through F.
    If you are using 128-bit encryption, the WEP Key must be a 26-character key consisting of numbers or letters A through F.
    The WEP Key must be a Hexadecimal (0-9, A-F, no other special characters or letters).
    If your router has multiple slots for a WEP Key, make sure the active key is the one in the #1 slot.
    If you are using WPA, the Wii console is compatible with the following types:
    WPA – PSK (TKIP)
    WPA – PSK (AES)
    WPA2 – PSK (AES)

    If your WEP or WPA key is correct, then the problem might be related to MAC address filtering:
    From the router settings, locate the “MAC address filter” settings (also known as “access control”, “access list”, or “network filter” depending on your router model).
    If the Mac address filter is set to “enabled”, then you must add the Wii’s MAC address to the “allowed” list. You can locate the Wii’s MAC address from the “console information” page (located under “Internet” in the Wii Settings).
    If the Mac address filter was disabled, then continue troubleshooting.

    Try adjusting the “Channel” your wireless router broadcasts on. We highly recommend setting your wireless router to either channel 1 or 11. This can potentially increase the download speed. For information on accessing your router’s settings, click here to select the brand name and model number of your router (if available).

    Check Nintendo’s router info for special notes, if available, for your router.
    Click here to go to our Wireless Router lookup page.
    Use the drop-down box to select, if available, your router manufacturer.
    Click on your router’s model number, if available.
    Read any “special notes” at the top of the router’s page. Many issues can be solved by changing settings described in the “special notes.”

    Ensure that the router is set to broadcast in “mixed” or “b/g” mode. Routers set to “g only” may not be able to allow a successful connection from the Wii console. (The option to change this setting is typically found in the “Wireless” section of your router’s settings. For information on accessing your router’s settings, click here to select the brand name and model number of your router, if available.)

    Try a “Manual Setup” with the Wii console (how to), using your network’s IP configuration settings. To access these settings:
    On your PC, click “Start” and then “Run.”
    Type “CMD” into the field that appears to open a new window.
    Type “IPCONFIG/ALL” and press “Enter” to display a list of internet settings. Locate the settings asked for by the Wii console during the Manual Setup process and enter them.

    Power cycle your router and modem by unplugging them both from the wall. Wait a few minutes, and plug the modem back in. Wait a couple of minutes for the modem to initialize, then turn on the router. Try to connect the Wii console online and test for proper response.

  4. kol-dude7 said:

    easy as pie
    go to wii setting
    click on internet
    connection setting
    search for connection
    type in the right password
    and play on wifi games

  5. Clarabella said:

    The usb ports are differnt on your computer, the ones on the front are slow and the ones on the back are high speed, i’ve had this problem connecting for a while and i got a computer message telling me to switch to the usb at the back and i’ve been connected since. If not you may need to turn your firewall off.

  6. carsrcool said:

    Check your router is working. Talk to your isp (internet service provider)

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