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How do I completely delete the old anti-virus before installing a new one?

I’ve removed the older anti-virus from my laptop through “remove program” option in the control panel. However, when I tried to install the new anti-virus using the installation disc I’ve just bought, it stated that the old anti-virus had not been removed yet. I’ve rechecked so many times but it didn’t work. The system requirements of my laptop are fine and compatible. So, what was wrong and how can I fix it?

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4 Responses to “How do I completely delete the old anti-virus before installing a new one?”

  1. Derek (Ratbirds suck) said:

    Remove all the old anti virus files from your C: drive, look under programs.

    Your new anti virus should remove whatever is left from the old one. What is your new anti virus program?

  2. Suffice to say said:

    What is the Old AntiVirus?

  3. Lex Luthor said:

    If you deleted it then you need a program that will get what’s left of it from your machine. are both very good for cleaning up after removing a program. Unless it’s Norton. If it is good luck at getting it all out. If it’s Norton you can try there removal tool. It may work’ It may not. Either way you need the other 2 to clean up what’s left.

  4. Adolph Dunscomb said:

    The comments here are great. Its nice to see a lot people really read a article before commenting.


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