How do I choose a web designer ?

Web templates are available everywhere. While you can easily install these templates to your website, a professional design is always preferable for 99% of websites. Business websites usually prefer to hire web designers than installing off-the-rack templates to give a message that they mean business and would go beyond their limits to provide a professional-looking design that would not only express what the business is all about, but also attracts serious clients.

Some people work on their own web designs, but for those who have no time or skill to make an appealing design on their own, web designers could save you from all the stress. Once you determined what you want for your website, a web designer would try to express your ideas into the design. As such, it is important that you know exactly what you want the design to end up and explain it properly, else the design would not convey your plans.

Web designers are highly skilled in art background and design. Their functions are completely different from a web developer, which handles the programming side of a website. While there are plenty of people that are skilled in both, hiring a web designer to create your site’s design and complete the technical side of the site would mean that you have to pay for both these services. On the other hand, majority of web designers may focus on their job and create amazing web designs, but may not be able to produce a solid database backend for the site.

Choose a web designer with a portfolio that he or she can show you, allowing you to give an idea of the designer’s skills in web design. Once you deem his artistic eye is suitable for your ideas, supply him or her with the graphics, text and other content necessary for the design. Although most web designers have strong artistic skills, it is not part of their jobs to create texts, product images, page descriptions and other content needed for the website. Web designers are trained in proper positioning of such content, but you need to supply them with the materials.

Make sure to hire someone who you can easily communicate with. Regardless of skill and experience, communication between you and the web designer would largely affect the result of your web design.

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  1. neil said:

    agreed that a professional design should be used over a web template! I personally think its easy to spot a web template as soon as you visit a website

  2. Manuel Woline said:

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