How do I choose a good url ?

If you’re new to the online community, choosing a URL for your soon-to-be website can be confusing. However, if you know the exact purpose of your website, you’re on the right track. Determine if the website would be for business, personal, organization and other use, then determine your target audience. Both of these factors can help in choosing your website’s name.

The secret of choosing a sellable URL is putting what your site is all about in two or more words. If you’re selling designer watches, then a is a suitable URL. Whether your purpose is for business or personal, this rule can help your visitors get an idea of what they’ll be seeing on your page. However, you can also make up a brand, such as, but promoting such a website would take time, as you need to explain to your target audience what the website is all about.

Organizations usually consider the suffix .org. Educational institutions and other related organizations can use .edu, while businesses often prefer .biz. However, many people use .com regardless of whether the site is about education, business or organization because it is the most popular suffix and people typically type in random .coms when surfing the web.

When you’ve decided on the name and the suffix, you have a URL for your website. However, this doesn’t mean you could already register the URL as your own. Check if no one else has taken the URL by typing it into the address bar on your browser or checking in a web-hosting provider. If it’s available and you’re absolutely sure about the brand or URL you like, then go ahead and register it to keep it from being used by someone else.

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