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How do i access internet while travelling around world?

I’m thinking of travelling round the world, and was wondering how do i access the internet from anyway? Do i just need wi-fi? Or do i have to pay a monthly subscription etc? Please help!

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6 Responses to “How do i access internet while travelling around world?”

  1. Sean said :

    Yes, most likely what every hotel you stay at will have complementary Wi-Fi, ask before you book.

  2. manxbiker said :

    wi fi most hotels have internet access through wi fi but often have to pay for user name and password at the hotel unless you can pickup someones unprotected wi fi

  3. ThePuppeteer said :

    If you’re talking about accessing the internet from your laptop, then you can do one of three things:
    1) Buy a wireless card for your laptop that runs off of the cellular networks. (This would require a montly subscription.)
    2) Stay in hotels with free internet/wifi. (This would just require a wifi connection.)
    3) Visit cafes and other places that have free wifi while on your travels.

  4. Stephen E said :

    If you are with BT then you have free access to the internet all over the world via various out lets, if you don’t then you will have to subscribe to something like BT FON. Enjoy your trip.

  5. Liz said :

    Well, depending on what you mean by ’round the world, there are going to be SOME places (still!) where you just can’t do it, but not many. For everything else there is WiFi. Hard to find a coffee shop, hotel or library without WiFi internet these days. If you will be visiting cities, even in the far flung reaches of wherever, you will find ample internet available in those countries that allow ample internet. (you should probably skip North Korea, if updating Facebook is priority!) Might have to pay a few bucks or buy a drink or whatever, but you can get ineternet if you have WiFi.
    If you are going to be forging your way across the Australian Outback, or braving the high seas… Ima say stay focused, and do the Facebook when you get ashore!

  6. Clare M said :

    If you want access literally from anywhere than satellite phone is your only real option. That will give you 2400 baud for around $1 per minute – not cheap. You can forget wi-fi anytime you are not in range of a public hotspot which will be most of the time. Inbetween you have mobile broadband via the mobile phone network. Data roaming gets very expensive very quickly so I would research local pay-as-you-go suppliers before you depart, and ensure your mobile boradband dongle is unlocked, so you can simply drop in a new SIM for each provider.


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