How come these fake anti-virus programs keep popping up on my computer ?

I been having these fake anti-virus programs popping up on my computer screen everytime when I’m on myspace. I have Mcafee Anti-Virus so i know it’s a fake scam. But how these things keep on popping up ? It pops up like a fake my computer screen and says its scanning and then tells me to download either antivirus 2009 or spyware terminator. How come it keeps on popping up ?

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9 Responses to “How come these fake anti-virus programs keep popping up on my computer ?”

  1. Mateo MAatasić said:

    try with malwarebytes anti-malware

    you can download it here

  2. Nizam Bestarianz said:

    you need to stop its process…scan your computer and look for the virus..then look at the process it handle…
    Then open task manager..and stop the process…

    (be aware to stop the process..because it might be a vital system file running)

  3. Terena said:

    You have spyware or adware. This can be solved with anti-spyware software (which is not the same as anti-virus).

  4. Relaxing said:

    That is because your computer is already infected with a virus. Until you remove that virus it will keep popping up. DONT USE MCAFEE OR NORTON. they are the most sucky antivirus programs and use up alot of memory. Use avast 4 home edition. Its completely free and have real time protection, antivirus, anti rootkit, anti spyware/malware. Here is the link: ( Avast)

    Also use Malwarebytes: (download link)

  5. MyName_Is?? said:

    You most likely downloaded it with something or visited the wrong site. get malwarebytes free edition, download it and rename it to make it work most of these rogue programs will disable legit ones, programs affected are Spybot Search and Destroy., McAfee., AVG.,and superantispyware.,

  6. Steve Manser said:

    Antivirus 2009 is a fake antivirus program that usually comes bundled with trojans. I recommend you scan your computer with SpyNoMore to remove it and any trojans that may have come along with it.

  7. Ashwani said:

    Avast, AntiVir and Ad-Aware etc. are not sufficient to destroy the viruses.You should have a strong Anti Virus installed in your computer.
    Norton AntiVirus is one of the strongest AntiVirus.You should install it.You can buy it from the internet too.If you want to buy it from internet,email me at [email protected] and I will provide you the norton link from where you will be entitiled to 20%discount.This discount is made because I am also using Norton AntiVirus and Norton has introduced a new plan from which existing users can introduce new customers with 20% discount.

  8. he's dead, jim said:

    you receive those pop-ups because your computer is infected. remove antivirus 2009 manually:

  9. Hugo Carter said:

    Thanks for the advice. I will try this to get rid of this nasty virus. Keep posting guides like this!


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