How can I avoid a cyber stalker ?

Cyberstalking is a serious crime just as bad as physical stalking because it causes the victim to experience depression, anxiety, trauma and other psychological effects, which real life stalking victims normally experience. To prevent cyberstalking from happening, you should learn how to identify it.

When a person uses the internet and other forms of electronic communication devices to harass and threaten another person, this is called cyberstalking. The only difference with physical stalking is that the stalker can be a thousand miles away from the victim, making it more difficult for the police to track down the criminal. Victims under age 18 should always inform their parents or guardian about the situation because their lives could be at risk should the victims keep the cyberstalking incidents a secret.

A filtering email program can help you block emails coming from certain users, but you can also look for programs that can filter people from you list in chat rooms, social networks and other websites you are active in. Make sure to chance your login information at your current Internet Service Provider. If the ISP can do something about blocking such users to contact you, contact the ISP immediately.

When the stalker communicates with the victim, it is important to log all communications made and avoid altering the documents because the victim may need this as evidence against the stalker. To ensure you keep all these logs, you can create a folder specifically for the stalker and his or her communication attempts to harass or threaten the victim.

You can prevent becoming a victim of cyberstalking by refraining from giving out important information about yourself to people you do not know. Avoid using a screen name that will allow someone to guess your real identity. When speaking to the stalker, always inform him or her that you wish to be left alone.

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