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Feedback on AVG Anti-Virus…is it really free to use or is just a free trial offer and is it any good?

Awhile back, a friend of mine was telling me about AVG Anti-Virus and how it can be downloaded for free to use. Is it as good as Norton’s or McAfee’s? Are there any other FREE anti-virus programs that can be downloaded and have a good or otherwise high grades to be tried and true?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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8 Responses to “Feedback on AVG Anti-Virus…is it really free to use or is just a free trial offer and is it any good?”

  1. Nick said:

    It is a complete anti-virus system that provides all the essential features you need. Of course upgrading will give you some new features, but it is a complete free edition, not a trial or anything like that.

    Whether it is any good….I’ve used AVG for a while and in my opinion it is the best free virus protection you can get. I had Avira but the popups are very annoying.

  2. Steve H said:

    AVG is a very good Free anti-virus along with Avira and avast! In my experience they are better than Norton or McAffee as I’ve had less problems with them then either of the pay programs.

  3. Jen-x said:

    I use AVG free , ive also tried Norton and i think it works just as well but without the annoying pop ups! and it is completely free.

  4. Douche Nukem said:

    Completely free. The only problem I’ve had is that the scans are very resource intensive, so you can’t play games or stuff while it is scanning.

  5. Toby said:

    It is totally free, not a trial (although they have a non-free version also). You can see that many free anti-virus are as good as Norton/Symantec or McAfee by going here and checking out their comparative tests:
    You’ll see that they are all about the same. In particular, Avast and Avira hold their own against Symantec and McAfee.

    So the best antivirus is a free one. Here are some free ones that you can choose from:

    AVG Free Edition:
    Avast 4 Home:
    Avira Antivir Personal:
    PC Tools Antivirus Free Edition:
    Comodo Antivirus:

    Lastly, I also recommend installing Site Advisor. This free product will pop-up a red balloon if you go to any web sites that have malware. It will also put green, yellow, and red icons next to your Google and Yahoo search results.

  6. Fred Bear said:

    I don’t like Norton’s, it’s slow and very hard to uninstall.

    AVG 8 I find very slow.

    My favorite, after 10 years of using various progs is Avast. It even works when going to dangerous download sites. I find that really good and functional and detects Trojans from lots of nasty Web sites. It’s the best I’ve ever used.

    It has been excellent and is free for home use. You need to register, but it’s completely free.

  7. john b said:

    AVG should be free unless they changed it. it provides really good anti-virus protection.i got it from . it should be version 8. i have been using AVG for awhile and it is the best Anti-virus if used. i would also get malwarebytes as well. search for malware bytes and download it. AVG might not catch something but malware bytes will. and vice versa. When AVG detects a threat press the heal box and then click remove as power user or something like that. that will completely remove it. When done using malware bytes go to quarantine or vault and delete all virus’s from their as well. if you are using vista right click on malware bytes and AVG and click properties. go to compatibility and click ” Run this program as admin”. do that for both AVG and Malware bytes. it should run perfectly. if your computer freezes run it in safe mode then do malware bytes. that should fix it.

  8. eric said:

    there is a free and paid version.the new version 8.5 is a huge program.very reminds me of the old norton programs .avg sucks.the irony is that the new norton anti-virus 2009 is smaller than the new avg.go figure.if you are really set on free then avira or avast are your best bets.if you can afford paid stuff then the top three are 1.kaspersky.2.eset nod32.3.2009 versions of norton.yes i said norton.not at all like the old bloated programs.all better than new avg despite what the yahoo answers avg fan club says.


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