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does anyone know where I can find a free download anti virus protecter that I dont have to pay for?

one that will scan my computer and repair errors on my computer without me having to pay for the program.

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16 Responses to “does anyone know where I can find a free download anti virus protecter that I dont have to pay for?”

  1. jeetendra_500 said :
  2. kevinmonaghan1977 said :

    you never heard this from me, but if you download bitcomet and search for norton etc. then you can download any of the top packages for nothing.

  3. Steven said :

    I think so.

  4. Marilyn D said :

    Go to they have free ones

  5. Jonjoe said :
  6. Raju said :

    i am using avg grisoft and having no problem. visit their website.

  7. clark10clark said : Its a free online virus scanner and it works pretty well

  8. ludmont126 said :

    try AVG free anti-visus its fantastic!! and free

  9. steven r said :
  10. fop_5 said :

    Check out Avast Anti Virus and Spyware.

    It free and works very well. Updates Automatically

    I use it on all my systems.

  11. Crazydevildog said : here you can download any antivirus or games mostly anything

  12. gkd said :

    try avg anti virus program
    its free on net
    search for it in any search engine like yahoo itself

  13. punish_with_black_heart said :

    i got anitvirus norton 2006 , guess what , i got it for free
    i can give u it but then it will call hack 🙁
    add on msn and i will give u username with password with serial and the order number then all u have to do just to write thim and download
    add me on msn : [email protected]

  14. jarreau2001 said :

    The free stuff usually comes at a price. Freeware and shareware install programs on your PC that host ads and track your internet usage without you knowing or consenting. Also the bootleg programs that allow you to download cracked versions of more popular software host terrible viruses and adware that defeats the entire purpose. If you value your PC buy Norton’s Antivirus or Mcafee. Stinger.exe is a great stand alone scanner and it’s free. It’s not a program so it doesn’t have to be installed and has no annoying side effects. All it does is scan and remove, it will not protect you. Spybot is a great free spyware / adware remover with no side effect either.

  15. lazytrappin said :

    You can use AVG.Keyword:AVG for free,or you can download the Netscape browser(free)and get McAfee Virus Scan(thirty-day free trial).I prefer McAfee but I use both.

  16. chintuoo said :

    Why use a free scanner when u can have a registered software for free..I managed to get hold of this page which has the best scanners and also has the cracks for it…PLEASE TRY IT..


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