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Do individual anti-virus and spyware programmes look only for particular infections?

Why isn’t it a good idea to have
more than one anti-virus software?

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3 Responses to “Do individual anti-virus and spyware programmes look only for particular infections?”

  1. Jack H said :

    because if you get more than one anti virus it can clash with the programming and make it useless

    i recommend Kaspersky internet security 2010

    it i brilliant. i use it my self and its completely safe

  2. Jasper said :

    They look for what is in their data base,
    More than one will conflict, they see each other and will try to take the other one out. Just the way it is. ~

  3. RiggsFolly said :

    Anti virus software buries itself deep down into the OS in order to be able to do what it does.

    They sit there and attach to various OS level hooks and watch for various events at a very low level.

    If more than one AV is doing this they get in each others way and just cause immense problems to each other and the system in general.

    Spyware programs do not need to get down and dirty with the OS so they tend not to cause each other problems, although its best not to run 2 at the same time. However sometimes they see each other as spyware probably to discourage you using another companies product more than anything else. Its usually possible to tell them to ignore each other and get around this by adding the other app as an exception.


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