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cant download anti virus or search for them?

i cant search,download,or even open old inti virus installer.when i search for anti viruses on internet it automatically closes my mozilla firefox,internet explorer and even netscape iv tried may ways to solve this problem but i dont have any clue yet what is causing this if anyone have an answer for this please post it im kinda worried when i surf on internet because my computer is vulnerable to viruses since i cant use or download them

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4 Responses to “cant download anti virus or search for them?”

  1. topdn said:

    sounds like your computer might already be infected download a anti-virus on a another computer and install it to yours and do a full system scan

  2. Rob B said:

    Try this link directly.
    I would start with AVG Anti Virus. This is the one that the techies that I know use. It is free, and works very well.

    Then I would try the the anti spyware. The link is on the same page above.

    Unlike anti virus, you want to run multiple anti spyware.

    Another anti spyware is Ad Aware.

    Spybot also has a decent one:

    I would try the free stuff first before you spend any money. Especially, paying a company to clean up the system, or reinstalling the OS.

  3. Don M said:

    If you had an old version of anti-virus software from
    Symantec or McAfee and you didn’t get into the registry to remove all traces.
    Then that’s your answer.
    It proves that many of the conventional Anti Virus Soft wares will disable functions on your computer if you choose not to use them after your first subscription.
    Of course they deny it but where do you think all the viruses come from to begin with.

  4. Serenity said:

    Your system is infected with malware. Probably a very serious virus is on your system.

    Viruses are programmed to stop the User from using any application which would result in its removal. There are smaller and less invasive viruses/malware which can be removed with installed security applications, Online security scan/removal utilities available from the browser, or stand alone utilities made specifically for malware removal.

    However, the worst infections are created to defeat these types of security measures.

    Since the virus or malware infecting your system will not allow you to use your installed security product or an Online scan/removal system, or downloaded application specifically created to combat such infections, you have only two options:

    First, you could use a boot CD to boot into a clean enviroment in which you could utilize your security tools to remove the malware. However, to do this you would have first had to take steps which would allow you to do these tasks.

    Some of the major Internet Security Suites on the market today provide the ability to create “Restore Disks”, which are boot disks that allow you to boot off the CD into an image of your OS while it was not infected. After you boot from the disk, you then work from that environment with tools you would have included in the image you burned to the boot disk.

    Prior to creating the clean boot disk, you would have downloaded what is known as a Security Tool Kit. This tool kit would include your favorite anti-malware tools and utilities. These tools and utilities would be used while you were booted into your clean environment to clean up your infection.

    Since you didn’t know about setting up a boot disk or creating a malware toolkit, you could attempt a similar operation from within Safe Mode. Now you know one of the major reasons this computing mode obtained its name. Safe Mode is just that, similar to a boot enviroment which is clean and safe. Safe Mode loads only the most basic of the System Settings and configurations as well as Drivers and software applications and system utilities and tools. Within Safe Mode you can attempt to run your anti-virus utility and rid your system of this infection. It is worth the attempt anyway.

    Your other choice is to take your system to a reputable repair shop where an expert in removing malware can clean up your system for you. This expert will have a malware toolkit which will include a boot disk in which s/he can boot into an environment conducive to cleaning off the malware.

    To boot into Safe Mode you turn off your system. You then turn it back on. At a certain time at the beginning of the boot process you tap the F8 key softly and repeatedly, until you see a black screen with white wording. This is the beginning area of entering Safe Mode.

    You begin tapping the F8 key immediately after you see the manufacturer’s logo on your screen. If you see the blue Starting Windows screen, you know you missed the proper time to tap F8, and you start over again by turning off the system once it hits the Welcome Screen.

    When you see the Safe Mode Options page, you use your arrow keys to move around the options. Use you arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode with Networking. You want the Networking option so you can access the Internet in order to acquire any tools you may need. Regular Safe Mode will disconnect your Internet connection.

    After Safe Mode with Networking is highlighted, hit the Enter key. On the next page select your operating system. This is simple if you have only one installed on the machine. If there is only one it will automatically be selected, so just hit the Enter key again.

    Now, don’t be alarmed by what happens next. You will see a bunch of letters and numbers, words scrolling down the screen. This is perfectly normal and it would be abnormal if it didn’t occur. What is happening is the minimum OS system files, settings, configurations, drivers, video, sound, etc functionality are being loaded.

    When this is finished you will see a version of the Welcome Screen. The version you see now is altered from your normal view, everything will appear a bit fuzzy and large. This is due to the fact only the most basic video functionality has been loaded with the OS. The Onboard video capabilities, etc.

    Now, you will need to logon to an Administrator account. This could be the System Administrator account or your Administrator account if you use one. You must be logged onto an Administrator account because you need full privileges to perform the tasks you will need to complete.

    Now, if you created a password for the System Administrator account you will need to enter it here to logon, if not, just click the Administrator icon. Next, you will see a desktop with a black background, and white Safe Mode words in each corner of the screen. You will be greeted with a notification that you are about to enter Safe Mode. You are asked here if you want to continue with entering Safe Mode or do you want to use System Restore.

    If you know when this issue began, by all means use System Restore to reverse the infection! If you know that this issue and its symptoms began four days ago, select a date prior to that day. Utilizing a System Restore Point is by far the easiest method of cleaning off maware. It will wipe out a few more items along with it, but if it saves you some time and money, then those losses may be worthwhile and tolerable.

    If you don’t really know when the infection occurred, take the option to enter Safe Mode. You can always open and run System Restore from within Safe Mode later on if you wish.

    Now, attempt to run your security solution and see if it can clean up your system. If it does, great, reboot and see if everything works as it should. If you can’t, well, it gets sticky from here.

    You can use Safe Mode to access Internet forums where you can receive expert assistance with removal of malware. These forums are usually called HijackThis after the name of the main application used for cleaning up infected systems. There are many HijackThis forums on the Internet. These are actually called Newsgroups, or Groups, or MSN Groups, etc, and are a part of the Usenet are of the Internet. The Internet isn’t just the WWW, or World Wide Web. The WWW is all of the cool websites you browse daily, Usenet are a collection of User forums where members congregate in Chat like rooms or Post Forums where questions can be asked and answered, and other human interactions are possible. Usenet is a interactive area of the Internet, and is the second portion of three major portions which make up the Internet.

    If you have a Dell, Dell has its own HijackThis forum which you can access via Dell’s Support area of its website. Other manufacturers may also have their own HijackThis forum on their Support area. Please note that everyone who participates in such forums are volunteers, they are not paid for their services. Please be patient while you receive assistance because the experts on these forums assist many individuals. If you want to check out some HijackThis forums, get a feel for how they work, and read posts, just type HijackThis forums into the Google search box and there will be dozens, probably hundreds to choose from.

    This may sound like a lot of hard work, and it can be, but it also can save you a bundle at a repair shop. If you have the patience and are willing to follow instructions, can learn how to create logs from the utilities you will download and install and then upload those logs to the forum for evaluation and diagnoses, then this type of group is for you. However, if you simply do not have the time, nor the inclination, and don’t mind paying a repair shop, then by all means take it to an external reputable shop.

    One note on computer repair shops. Consider using one of the smaller shops. While the large electronics store computer repair shops can fix your system, they will charge more and you will receive less.

    You see, smaller shops are getting squeezed out by these larger shops. The large shops have name recognition, and are easily located and often well known by consumers. Such as Best Buy and Fry’s Electronics. Nothing is wrong with these stores, you can get great products for reasonable prices.

    However, they don’t give as good service as the smaller shops. They can afford to lose a few customers from poor customer service, but the smaller shops have to work harder to obtain and maintain their customers. So, you get great repairs, super customer service and usually more for your money.

    Well, sorry to provide so much details. I hope you don’t feel overwhelmed. If I can use a HijackThis forum and fix issues with help received by these nice people, anyone can! lol

    I hope you get your system cleaned up quickly and with the least amount of angst. Please have a nice day.


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