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ask for free download anti virus?

i need a antivirus for my PC. anybody can show me an internet address which i can free download a good anti virus?

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7 Responses to “ask for free download anti virus?”

  1. randy_ishere said :

  2. Jairus said :
  3. Seb2esp said :

    Clamwin or Antivir

  4. Biff said :

    Hi, try avast home edition

  5. venkyy said :
  6. tonyinspain said :

    use avg its free and a excellent programme download from here
    ive used it for a number of years now and never had a problem with it
    norton and the others tend to slow your machine
    hope this helps

  7. SP said :

    Learn how to Remove virus from your computer here:
    Good luck!


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