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Any suggestions for a free, effective, trustworthy anti-virus system?

I had to uninstall my old spyware protector (Sunbelt Software Vipre) because it kept malfunctioning. I need a new one as soon as possible. Have you used any free anti-virus/spyware systems that don’t slow down your system too badly and that are trustworthy and effective?

Thank you so much!

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11 Responses to “Any suggestions for a free, effective, trustworthy anti-virus system?”

  1. Gwen said :

    Only one I know of that is free and decent is AVG Free version.

  2. NishantG said :

    Try AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials, both are really good.

  3. Sada M said :

    am using McAfee from the day one i.e; since 2005.there is no problem. i used to do regular updates, regular schedule scan.

    i recommend you to use McAfee.

  4. 20th Chamber said :

    …I use Spyware Terminator w/CCleaner..I haven’t had any performance problems while running them on my system.j

    …wow, I see the C&I nerds have gone on a thumbs down rampage.

  5. RuNDmC said :

    yeah theres plenty….and make sure you download them from a safe/trustworthy site such as as well…….go there download the free anti malwarebytes, and then you’re also going to want the free version of avg or avast anti-virus that they have on there as well.

  6. SurfUp said :

    I would use Avast or MSE with windows firewall…Adding too many security software can definitely slow a machine down and no security setup will be 100% effective anyway…

  7. The King™ said :

    Avast! 5. Look no further.

    After the installation , you will need to register Avast! (Just open Avast! and click register now)

  8. Rexwoodu said :

    A friend of mine set up several desktop machines each with a different antivirus program, AVG, Avast, Norton, McAfee, and Microsoft Security Essentials. We found that the most effective program out of the line up was Microsoft Security Essentials, followed by AVG and Avast. The free programs update their definitions twice as often as the leading subscription software. Microsoft Security Essentials also works seamlessly with Windows Firewall.

  9. Dave Computer Cleaner said :

    Avast is a very effective free anti-virus, especially when combined with a top free firewall like Comodo:

    Download Avast:

    Video review of Avast and Comodo working together and getting 10/10:

  10. KONAGOLD9999 said :

    When you think you have really good friewalls & anti virus for FREE you actually don’t. Otherwise why are they free? You always get what you pay for and in your case that is nothing plus future trouble.

  11. Russell said :

    i think avast is the best free anti-virus.
    look at this comparison between avira,avast and avg:


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